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About Me   ( English | Русский )

Let me introduce myself,
my name is Irina Bolshakova [i’ri:na’bol∫a’ko:va] , renowned as Iricolor and SchneeFlocke [’∫ni:,flok] or SchneeF. Ethnic Ingrian.

I am the engineer of physical electronics and have classical fine arts education.
I have many other passions: from science and medicine till philosophy and astrology.

About bread and circuses:

I finished the State University at Faculty of Physical Engineering, qualification - engineer on a speciality "Physical electronics, physical aspects of analytical instrument engineering" . Final qualifying work about Nanotechnologies.
In lyceum I studied at Department of Design and Construction Engineering. Finished art school with distinction when I was twelve; studied on courses of academic art school.

Any object, which we see and feel, is not only the form, but also is set of the phenomena. Now the science and art go "a hand about a hand", without imagination there will be no discovery. Knowledge of physics and born intuition help me to create the image possessing definite bio-energetic qualities. Feeling of joy, grief, fear, despair, calmness, confidence - I can give all this to picture and so also to onlooker.

I took part in work of Gorillaz band, in creation of computer games, in design of unique book of legendary bodybuilder "Sergio Oliva, the Myth" and in other not less interesting projects. I have published works, the first of them - textbook "Nano-electronics" in which are examined important questions not elucidated in other literature. I had experience in project management, creations of complex decisions for business. From building of my first site in 2003, I didn't change its design, because my main qualities are insight and devotion.

To contact me about everything, use e-mail.

P.S.: I'll listen to job offers from any organizations, sex minority and extraterrestrials. Can send more detailed CV if necessary.

Contact Info:

E-mail:   111083(at), index(at)

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