Fedorik is creature from the Another World created by engineer & artist Irina Bolshakova in 2003 year.      

Origin of Fedorik is mysterious, he has many strange ancestors. Fedorik is talented, thrifty, but mischievous person. Omnivorous and likes to cook. Polymathic. He worked as a rabbit in circus and as the inventor, was the producer of rock-band and was busy with other things.

From Our World to Another it is possible to get through abnormal zones, like the Bermudas triangle or top hat of magician. Fedorik travels between the worlds and helps those who have lost one's way.

Fedorik dreams to find work in Our World. But does not like to wear pants and go to interviews. He owns tame Dragon & assistant Rat. He is friend of the ordinary girl and surf the web quite often.

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You can find out more about Fedorik, other creatures and their adventures from stories and pictures in SchneeFlocke Gallery.

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